Fixing My Broken Beats Headphones

As you all know I’m a big music lover. I spent most part of my day with my headphones on, while playing some sick melodies. I own a really nice set of wireless Solo Beats. Unfortunately, last week I accidentally sat on them and snapped the headband. I immediately tried to repair my beats myself with duct tape to no avail. And that’s when I turned to the internet for a good solution.

After spending a good amount of time researching on how to fix my broken headphones and reading some reviews, I was directed to a cool site called fixmonk. Why is that site cool? You might ask. Well, after requesting for my Beats to be fixed, they immediately gave me a tracking number where I could see in real-time updates regarding my headphone repair. The process was simple and without any hassle. If I were to break my headphones again, I would send them to them right away to be repaired.

Fixing My Beats

Now, I’m back to my daily routine which pretty much consists of listening to my playlist every second of the day. My Beats headphones look like new and sound as good as always. Yeah it’s true. You could watch some tutorials online and do it yourself but if you are as busy as I am, I don’t have the time to go out and buy all the parts and equipments required to fix my headphones.

Choose Perfect Door Handles

Furthermore, handles in common passage doors need to be durable to handle the continuous handling. You can then use the less durable but more beautiful handles for the inner doors that may not require a lot of opening and closing. A major concern with Door Handles especially for public doors is the hygiene. People including medical practitioners have argued that handles do spread contagious diseases. By using materials like brass, copper and silver, you reduce the infection rate since these metals are poisonous to for door handles.